Thursday, December 18, 2008

Ultime Hyper Totale Gauche

A little ditty inspired by the recent arrests of a commune of youths, among whom young anarcho-situ friends of Agamben, for the terrorist conspiracy to... delay the TGV. The dossier for the prosecution mainly consists in the following tome, allegedly written by one of the conspirators: The Coming Insurrection, by the Invisible Committee (pdf, in French). A review of sorts will follow. It is worth noting that these activists, who among other things ran a grocery store and a bookshop in the small rural village of Tarnac (hence the moniker Tarnac 9), have managed to get the unanimous solidarity of the local farmers and town-dwellers. Though not too enamoured of revolutionary anti-urbanism or agro-anarchism myself (the response by the Nouveau Parti Anti-Capitaliste's O. Besancenot, according to whom 'we need more trains, not less' does tug at some Bolshevik strings, though his 'condemnation' rang very hollow) there's certainly something to be learned in such strategies. For information and a petition (which somehow strikes me as being at odds with their own modus operandi of uncompromising negation of the endemic spread of "collaborators" and the "total mobilisation" of contemporary managerialised and spectacular democracies), see here.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

What happened to the video? All the other videos have been wiped from her blog as well. Nothing to do with this - slighty hysterical tone to compliment subject:

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Blogger Savonarola said...

It seems to work now.

The Burke piece is a somewhat lazy compendium of recent French press articles (and relies on rather dodgy sources, like Bourseiller and Bauer). Coupat's father has come out rather well, even declaring that from now on he will dedicate himself to fighting the security state. What's most remarkable is the weird language of the secret service reports, stemming from the noted acquaintance of French elites and civil servants with quite some dose of philosophy and political science. Where else would the subject of an investigation, such as Coupat, be described in a state document as a "critical metaphysician"?

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